Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Dinner

Dinner for Labor Day!

After "laboring" all day trying to dig out an area to put pavers in for our trash cans to sit by the fence...we finally got to sit down for this delicious meal!  We had these huge filets that we purchased from Costco (one of our favorite places to buy almost everything!!), a delicious romaine salad with caesar dressing and shredded parm, and some "loaded" mashed potatoes.  All accompanied by a nice merlot...mmmmm.  We topped the (plain salt and peppered - I don't like my steaks all seasoned up with other stuff) filets with a tablespoon or so of Garlic/Herb Boursin Cheese!  So fantastic!  We were in heaven!

Hope you had a great grilling adventure for Labor Day too...keep on grilling!

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